Ananda Teertha (formerly known as Victor Levy) is a best-selling author from Mexico City. He dedicates his life to raising consciousness by sharing insights that unveil the subconscious narratives shaping our behaviors, health, relationships, and ulti‐ mately our lives.

Ananda specializes in identifying and dismantling limited belief systems, helping individuals break free from self- imposed limitations through his workshops, keynote speeches, and retreats.

Ananda’s love affair with humanity involves helping people towards higher consciousness and facilitating the release of suffer‐ ing. He attributes his wisdom to his beloved teacher Prem Vishrant, whom he regards as the biggest blessing in his life.

In addition to his impactful work as an author and speaker, Ananda Teertha is a visionary and entrepreneur. He founded Boha, a pioneering barefoot sneaker company, and created Casa Ananda, a cultural hub nestled in the heart of Mexico City.