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Subconscious Engineering Method

The ultimate way of transformation is not in changing circumstances but in expanding perspective.

The Subconscious Engineering coaching program is a personalized sessions where Ananda discovers the limited beliefs which reflect in what areas you are struggling in life. Reverse engineer your mind and go beyond the mental constructs that are holding you back.

The uniqueness of this approach is that we are going to the roots of what created your identity so you can get out of survival mode. This work is so transformative because you are going to become aware of things you did not even know existed.

  • Your unquestioned belief systems blinded you. As you get free of them, you will now have the clarity to see.
  • Your unquestioned belief systems wasted your energy. As you get free of them, you will experience a huge supply of creativity.
  • Your unquestioned belief systems created the illusion of separation. As you get free of them, you will stop living in survival and begin living in the energy of love.


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